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Distributed Ledger Technologies And Blockchain
Building applications on DLT for the following goals : 

SDG’s - Disaster risk reduction - 25 targets - 
Goal 1,2,3,4 There are 25 targets related to disaster risk reduction in 10 of the 17 sustainable development goals, firmly establishing the role of disaster risk reduction as a core development strategy

Goal 13. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts 
13.1 Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related hazards and natural disasters in all countries 
13.2 Integrate climate change measures into national policies, strategies and planning. 
13.3 Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning 
13.a Implement the commitment undertaken by developed-country parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to a goal of mobilizing jointly $100 billion annually by 2020 from all sources to address the needs of developing countries in the context of meaningful mitigation actions and transparency on implementation and fully operationalize the Green Climate Fund through its capitalization as soon as possible. 
13.b Promote mechanisms for raising capacity for effective climate change-related planning and management in least developed countries, including focusing on women, youth and local and marginalized communities