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Greenhouse gas emissions are increasing on a daily basis there is an increasing necessity to bring change in the amount of consumption patterns of the human beings. The change in consumption patterns directly affects the total amount of green house gas emissions produced.

An optimal consumption pattern leads to an optimal resource usage and henceforth an optimal emission producing condition. The consumption patterns can be directly quantified based on habitation, nutrition, mobility and consumer behavior with each one of them contributing to the overall footprint of the individual. This overall footprint can be expressed as number of tons of CO2 produced and equivalently number of KWh of energy used. A reduction in the KWh used is directly associated with a reduction in resources used and similarly a reduction in the KWh consumed will directly reduce the amount of GHG emissions more specifically the CO2 emissions. One such benchmark about the amount of Watts used is the 2000 W society.

With peak resource usage aimed at 2000W society the excessive CO2 emissions emitted due to the additional Wattage usage can be quantified. The cost of those excessive CO2 emissions can be calculated with spot price of CO2 emission taken from the global carbon index. The cost of the each individual’s excessive CO2 emissions should be used to fund the projects that aim for reduction of CO2 emissions.

Projects that are executed for the reduction of CO2 emissions can be of various types like installing solar cooker, installing solar panels, planting trees etc. Each of these projects when compared to certified emission projects or gold standard projects or voluntary certificate projects can lead to a possibility of estimating the amount of CO2 reduced. The amount of CO2 reduced due to these projects can be priced based on the market spot rate of EUR index. This pricing of reduced CO2 can be quantified as price per ton of CO2. Our business objectively tries to develop technologies to help corporate and individuals meet the price per ton of CO2.