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Hydrological Assessments And Modeling
Hydrogeologic Assessments and Modeling Experience

Absolutum Soleil’s staff has been performing comprehensive water-resource evaluations for more than 10 years. Our key members have become well known and respected for their knowledge of hydrogeology and expertise collecting and evaluating hydrogeologic and climatologic data, applying groundwater and surface water models, scientific software development, regulatory rule-making support, and regional water resources planning.

Key personnel are very knowledgeable of and appreciate the value of hydrology and hydraulic modeling for water resource evaluations. The GW Vistas, GMS, and Visual MODFLOW modelling software are frequently used by Absolutum Soleil’s key personnel to evaluate groundwater flow (MODFLOW) and solute transport (MT3DMS and RT3D), the later for our fortune 500 industrial clients. 

We have managed and performed multi-faceted projects involving data collection and assessment to characterise spatial and temporal trends in groundwater levels and surface water flow and quality, and associations between spring flows, surface- and groundwater levels, water quality, and ecological characteristics.

In addition to the groundwater modelling software previously discussed, Absolutum Soleil has staff experienced using a suite of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE) Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) computer programs for hydrology (HEC-HMS), stream hydraulics (HEC-RAS), sedimentation and scour (HEC-6), GIS- based software to facilitate pre- and post-processing (HEC-GeoHMS and HEC-RAS) and manage large databases (HEC-DSS and HEC-DSSVue). In addition to these codes, our key personnel maintain and utilise other surface-water programs including but not limited to EFDC, ICPR, XP-SWMM, CE-QUAL- W2,and IHACRES.