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Ground Water Modeling
Groundwater Modeling Experience

The Absolutum Soleil Hydrology and Hydraulics (H&H) Modeling Group specialises in preparing and applying conceptual, statistical, and numerical models.  Conceptual models generally depict the site setting, the primary sources and sinks of water or chemical constituents, and the likely pathways for water or chemicals to move from source areas to sinks.  Statistical models are useful for evaluating existing data to characterise cause-and- effect relationships within the context of the preconceived conceptual model.  Numerical models typically represent the physics of water flow and chemical transport. 

Considerable cost savings can often be realised by preparing statistical models instead of complex numerical models.

Our H&H Modeling Group has considerable experience developing, calibrating and applying a variety of groundwater modelling software to characterise:

 Groundwater Flow, Quality, and Pathways
 Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions
 Density-Dependent Chemical Mixing
 Hydro-Ecologic Relations

The groundwater modeling performed by our engineers and scientists provides the technical basis for a wide variety of purposes such as:

 Environmental Remediation Evaluation, Design, and Optimisation
 Water Distribution System Design and Optimization
 Regulatory Permits
 Wellhead Protection and Aquifer Safe Yield Determination
 Water Resource Management and Planning
 Environmental Forensics