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Welcome to Absolutum Soleil !

Absolutum Soleil has distinguished itself as a leader in the engineering and environmental industry by adhering to its philosophy of incorporating strategic, long-range planning throughout all phases of our projects. 

We are a proud supporter of the efforts of United nations system (scope : climate action)

About Us

Absolutumsoleil is a registered private limited company from 2012 with focus towards services that can lead to climate protection and sustainable development. we adhere to the Delhi Declaration of UNCCD, Mexico Declaration of UNGGIM and other United Nations system - Agenda 2030.


Absolutum Soleil broad areas of specialization include 1) water resources investigations, contamination assessment and remediation. 2) UNFCCC framework technologies, UNEP, Climate chain coalition.

Our Works

1) Hydrogeologic Assessments and Modeling Experience 2) Groundwater Modeling Experience 3) With peak resource usage aimed at 2000W society the excessive CO2 emissions emitted due to the additional Wattage usage can be quantified.

Our Goals

As a member of UN innovation networks, we adhere to the FOSS (Forum of Small states), Delhi Declaration, Mexico Declaration and other United Nations system - Agenda 2030.